"For more than 15 years now, we here at Covey-Link have been using Alex Carroll's Program and database of top shows to promote Stephen Covey’s books and message.

Our books have made one best-seller list after another and sold millions of copies (25 million to be exact), and our interview campaigns have consistently been one of the main reasons for our success."

- Greg Link

Co-Founder: Covey Link Inc.


25 Million Total Books Sold


Stephen Covey


Greg Link

"Get yourself on radio … it’s easy. I’ve done interviews in my lounge chair, I’ve done them in my jacuzzi, but truthfully, I do most of my interviews in my underwear. It’s so cool … it’ so great. It’s by far the best medium to get your message out … the best!"

- T Harv Eker

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author:
"Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind"



2 Million Books Sold


T Harv Eker

"I've known Alex for years. He is brilliant. I am blown away by the depth of his program. As a publicist, I used to spend thousands per year for resources that don't even come close to what Alex is offering. It’s just amazing."

Over 250,000 Books Sold

- Arielle Ford

Former Top Publicist
Bestselling Author:
"The Soulmate Secret"



Arielle Ford – Deepak Chopra

Clients Included:

  • Deepak Chopra (whose career she is credited with launching)
  • Wayne Dyer
  • Neale Donald Walsh
  • Marianne Williamson
  • Louise Hay
  • Kenny Loggins

… and many more

"Radio interviews were one of the cornerstones in the massive success of our Chicken Soup books, and there is nobody who has mastered radio publicity more than Alex Carroll. He is absolutely amazing. You owe it to yourself to invest in his resources."

- Mark Victor Hansen

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author
Co-Creator, "Chicken Soup For The Soul" series



500 Million Books Sold


Mark Victor Hansen
Jack Canfield

"Alex is the best at this in the world. He is brilliant. His list is unbelievable. You'll find yourself going from reaching a few people ... to reaching hundreds of thousands and millions of people. Get his program, and follow his formula! I did!"

- Brendon Burchard

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author



Over 500,000 Books Sold


Oprah Winfrey – Brendon Burchard

"Over the years we’ve sold millions of books through bookstores … and millions more through alternative markets. Podcast and radio & interviews have been key to this success. The ability to do interviews from the comfort of your own home make it a perfect way for authors to get the word out. Alex Carroll’s resources have been invaluable to us. I recommend them constantly."

- Dave Chilton

Bestselling Author "The Wealthy Barber"
"Dragon’s Den" Dragon


7 Million Books Sold


Dave Chilton

"It’s been more than 15 years since I first met Alex Carroll at a self-publishing workshop. I learned how to leverage interviews to help promote 2 of my books to New York Times bestseller lists and I’ve been doing them ever since. They are one of the best ways to promote your book!"

- John Assaraf

New York Times Bestselling Author:
"Having It All" & "The Answer"



300,000 Books Sold


John Assaraf

"Everybody knows me as a big "online marketing" guy from my bestselling books on Google AdSense, Twitter and others. But I’m here to tell you I’ve had Alex’s program for years and I’m a BIG fan of podcasts and radio.

I did lots of interviews when I was pushing "The AdSense Code" onto the New York Times bestseller list … and I’m such a fan of them that I even have my own show now.

Like Alex says, do your online marketing … but whatever you do, don’t ignore podcasts & radio."

- Joel Comm

New York Times Bestselling Author


100,000 Books Sold


Joel Comm

"I'm in Australia, and if you're trying to reach the US market from overseas, podcasts and radio interviews are the way to go.

I’ve done hundreds of them from the comfort of my home.

I was lucky enough to attend one of Alex’s presentations and he blew me away.

I strongly recommend Alex’s program."

- Annette Sym

Australia’s All-Time Bestselling Self-Published Author SymplyTooGood.com.au


3.5 Million Books Sold


Annette Sym

"I am the co-founder and CEO of the largest electronic waste recycling company in America. We do more than $120 Million a year in sales and our clients include names like Best Buy, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sharp, The City of Los Angeles, NBC
Universal and thousands more.

I bought Alex Carroll's program several years ago and I love it!

Podcast and radio interviews are my absolute favorite way to promote my company and our brand image.

I believe in them so much that I now even have my own show. It's called "Green Is Good," and it's the top-rated green show in America.

If you want to increase your brand image and promote your company, I can't think of an easier or better way than getting Alex's program."

- John Shegerian


John Shegerian

Co-Founder & CEO: Electronic Recyclers International


$120 Million Annual Revenue

"Fifteen years ago I ran into Alex at the Book Expo in Chicago. I was a total newbie with a brand new self-published book. He turned me on to radio and changed my life forever. Since then I’ve been on hundreds of shows and sold millions of books. Several of my radio tours have generated over 6 figures in sales EACH … and one of them brought in nearly a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS!"

- Dr. Sadie Allison

Sexpert, Bestselling Author


2 Million Books Sold


Dr. Sadie Allison

"I've been doing PR for 17 years and I've bought lists before, but not ones organized by listenership.

When I started using Alex's lists I generated a booking for one of our clients in my first 5 outbound calls.

Our client got 16,000 unique visitors to his website, 3,000 opt-ins, and more than $10,000 in sales - from just one interview.

Wow ... is all I can say. What a direct hit. The information got me right to the booking producer. You can bet I'll buy my regular updates from Alex."

- Michelle Tennant



Michelle Tennant

"Alex Carroll's program changed how I approached interviews ... and resulted in over 100 appearances the following year.

To this day, I use the materials that he recommended I develop. The results are great shows and near 100% return invitations. Thanks, Alex, for making our strategy simple and effective."

500,000 Books, Courses & Programs Sold

- Alison Armstrong

Bestselling Author
Relationship Workshop Leader


Alison Armstrong

"After purchasing Alex Carroll's podcast and radio publicity package and database, I have done over 350 interviews in North America and Europe.

As a result, I have sold over 1 million copies of my book and increased my speaking fee dramatically.

If you too, are looking for free publicity, then look no further than Alex Carroll – an investment in his program is well worth every dollar!"

- Patrick Snow

Bestselling Author


1 Million Books Sold


Patrick Snow

"The secret to selling books is getting on podcasts & radio shows. I’ve appeared on over 1,500. I depend on Alex for my lists and I’ve used his database, tools and resources for over 13 years. My books have sold over 700,000 copies. Don’t be fooled into wasting money and time on social media—RADIO & PODCASTS SELL books and services."

- Robin Ryan

Bestselling Author: ―60 Seconds & You’re Hired


700,000 Books Sold


Robin Ryan

"My career began in radio … as a producer at WOR in New York. I went on to build one of the top PR firms in America … handling everyone from presidents to royalty. My favorite clients were my authors … and I handled and launched many of the big bestsellers. We used Alex’s databases and resources for many years, and in the earlier years I even hired him to come in and train my employees.

After selling my PR Firm, I founded Author 101 University … and I’ve had Alex on the faculty since day one … and he has been a speaker at virtually all of my events.

On a personal level I have also used Alex’s databases to do shows to promote my own books … which have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. Over the years Alex has grown from a business associate into someone that all of us Frishmans consider to be part of our family."

- Rick Frishman

Former Top Publicist
Bestselling Author
Founder: Author 101 University


25 Million Total Books Sold

Clients Included:

  • President Jimmy Carter
  • Caroline Kennedy
  • The Duchess of York
  • Howard Stern
  • Stephen King
  • Arnold Palmer

"Alex isn’t just the best in the world at what he does, he’s also been a personal friend for nearly 20 years.

If you want to get on the big podcasts & radio shows … his database and program are second to none."

- Joel Roberts

Media & Impact Coach/Trainer Extraordinaire
Former #1 Rated Radio Talk Show Host – KABC Los Angeles


Joel Roberts – Alex Carroll – Heidi Roberts

"Not only have I been a guest on more than 100 shows, but I've also been the "psychic in residence" at two of the biggest stations in Houston.

My private sessions are thriving, my Boot Camps and webinars are usually sold out and full, and I've sold over 170,000 books!

Nothing has done more for my career than the shows I've been on.

Alex’s program is invaluable, brilliant, genius! There is nothing else like it that allows an entrepreneur to conduct his/her own PR campaign."

- Kim O’Neill

Bestselling Author, Psychic


170,000 Books Sold


Kim O’Neill

"Get Alex's program.

His database, his audios of pitching producers, and his examples of actual talk shows … will help you to become a talk show star."

- John Kremer

Book Marketing Expert
Author: "1001 Ways To Market Your Books"


John Kremer – Alex Carroll

"Alex's database is easily the best investment in publicity.

I've paid $5,000 a month to big PR agencies, but the result was usually only a handful of appearances a month on shows that no one listens to.

Using Alex Carroll's database and calling shows his way, I've booked hundreds of interviews on some of the biggest shows in the nation.

In terms of resulting book sales, the difference is even more dramatic. I usually didn't sell anything from a small show appearance, but I have sold literally hundreds of books from a single appearance on a top show.

If you want sales from publicity, do yourself a favor and buy Mr. Carroll's database today."

- Gary Gagliardi

Corporate Trainer (for nearly 100 "Fortune 500" companies)
Bestselling Author & Expert on Sun Tsu’s "Art of War"


Gary Gagliardi


Over 250,000 Books Sold

"I have been using Alex's Program for more than fifteen years to promote not only my own books, but also to further literacy and help special needs kids.

Using Alex's database, I've been a guest on more than 300 shows, and sold more than 50,000 copies of my books.

50,000 Books Sold

Thank you Alex!"

- Pat Wyman

Bestselling Author
College Professor


Pat Wyman

"I LOVE this guy. I've personally used Alex’s system for years and I've been on over 1,000 shows.

You'd be crazy not to take advantage of this.

It's amazing!"

- Tom Antion

Legendary Speaker (Over 2,700 paid appearances)
Bestselling Author: "The Ultimate Guide To E-marketing For Small Business"
Internet Marketing Expert



Tom Antion

"It’s been 13 years since I first stumbled across Alex's website and got his program and database of top shows.

I've since been a guest on over 400 radio shows & podcasts, and sold more than 50,000 copies of my books.

If you like the idea of reaching millions of people from home ... Alex's program is the ticket.

Get it ... You'll be glad you did!"

- Dr. Debra Mandel, PhD
Bestselling Author
Clinical Psychologist


50,000 Books Sold


Dr. Debra Mandel

"I met Alex Carroll at Steve Harrison’s Publicity Summit and got his program.

After listening to all his recorded calls I started calling shows in May.

I can report the following successes: Several dozen interviews, including WABC in NY, KNX in LA (twice) and my biggest success … WGN in Chicago, which resulted in at least 500 book sales and well over $125,000 in commissions and consulting fees.

One sale alone was $30,500, which I just received!

pay for college

Alex, you’re a genius! I can’t say it enough;


- Reecy Aresty

Financial Advisor
College Planning Expert


Reecy Aresty

"No one knows more about promoting yourself on the radio than Alex."

- Dan Poynter

The "Godfather of Self-Publishing"
Bestselling Author: "The Self-Publishing Manual" and
over 100 other books

Dan passed away in 2015 and will be greatly missed


Alex Carroll – Dan Poynter

The Book That Launched A Million Books

"Dear Alex:

I just started using your list of top shows and after doing my very 1st interview, I generated an amazing $12,846 in book sales in the first 24 hours!

And, if that was exciting enough, I've now earned $22,698 in two weeks, with more orders coming in daily!

the naked truth

I am forever grateful!"

- Phoenix Gilman

Fitness Trainer/Nutritionist
Author: "Diet Failure – The Naked Truth"


Phoenix Gilman

"Google’s Back Door"
  • Sneak In … And Rocket Your Site To The Top … In Days
  • Build Your Tribe & List (Thousands Per Day) – For Free
  • It’s Simple ... It’s Fast ... And It’s Controversial
  • But Google Cannot Ban You For It
  • Learn Why Podcasts & Radio Shows Are The Secret Key

    "Google’s Back Door"
    • Sneak In … And Rocket Your Site To The Top … In Days
    • Build Your Tribe & List (Thousands Per Day) – For Free
    • It’s Simple ... It’s Fast ... And It’s Controversial
    • But Google Cannot Ban You For It
    • Learn Why Podcasts & Radio Shows Are The Secret Key