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How I can help you:

My goal is simple: To help you get booked as a guest on as many top podcasts and radio shows as possible ... and help you get the biggest possible response from your interviews.

My credentials:

I have personally been a guest on over 1,200 radio shows and podcasts, and sold a quarter of a million books in the process. More importantly, I’ve helped over 10,000 people in more than 30 countries follow in my footsteps and sell hundreds of millions of books & products ... and generate billions in sales (Click the “Testimonials” tab above to see my client testimonials).

What I offer:

I offer a choice of two programs to help you do this: (payment plans & non-profit rates [501C3s only] are available upon request)

1. The “Silver Program” (Details below)
2. The “Millionaire Program” (Details below)


The cornerstone of both of these programs (and of your success) is the database of top podcasts & radio shows.

If by chance you missed this on my home page, it is critical to understand that there are literally hundreds of thousands of “Hobbycasters” (podcasters with few or no downloads) and “Cowcasters” (tiny radio shows with audiences of only cows) out there. Be aware that many of these shows will resort to misrepresenting, “inflating,” and sometimes even outright lying about their audience numbers. Remember: The 80/20 rule applies to podcasts & radio shows just like it does to everything else in life. The top 20% of the shows ... reach 80% of the audience. And in reality ... it’s more like the top 5% of the shows ... reach 95% of the audience.

This is why it is so important to focus your time and effort on the big shows.

And this is why my databases of the top podcasts and radio shows are so critical to your success ...

Option #1 – The “Silver Program”
The “Silver Program” Contains:

1. The Database of Top Podcasts & Top Radio Shows ...

($297 + $397 when sold separately)

  • The top 500+ guest driven podcasts in Apple Podcasts/iTunes (where podcasts were born) across 5 of the most popular categories (Marketing & Business, News & Politics, Fitness & Nutrition, Spirituality, and Self Help)
  • The top 1,364 radio shows in America – each with 100,000 listeners or more
  • Contact information for each show spans: Show names, show rank/number of listeners, show descriptions/bios, host names, producer names, email addresses, mailing addresses, websites, phone numbers, social media contacts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) and also News Directors, Program Directors, Syndicates, Time Slots, Call Letters, Frequencies, Bands, Formats and Markets for the radio shows.
  • These are the most comprehensive, detailed, thorough databases of top radio shows and podcasts in existence.
  • So much so, that many top PR firms use them as their “go-to” media lists

2. The “Get Booked On Podcasts & Radio Shows” Manual ... (283 Pages)

($49 when sold separately)

  • 3 keys to landing interviews on the Super Radio Stations & Mega Podcasts (ones with hundreds of thousands and even millions of listeners)
  • A cool little tool with Australian Aboriginal ties ... that can double your interview bookings overnight
  • A rarely used strategy that is virtually guaranteed to get you booked on any podcast you want ... no matter how big they are
  • The secret to getting your radio interview scheduled in a prime drivetime slot ... and why this can 5X your response
  • Why you should NEVER use scheduling software for radio interviews
  • How to double your interview response by getting the producer to run tons of “ads” for it ... long before it ever airs
  • Two things you MUST do at the beginning of every single interview (a lot of people miss at least one of them)
  • The critical importance of “signature questions” ... and how they can make or break your interview
  • The 3 days of the week that podcasts get the most downloads ... and how to make sure your interview is released on one of them
  • The secret trick to getting radio hosts to replay your interview over and over again
  • Three critical keys that drive massive listener response at the end of your interview

3. The Press Kit ...

($99 when sold separately)

  • There are a number of ways to reach and pitch shows (and I will teach you how and when use all of them) ... but if you really want to stand out from the crowd, the most effective way remains a well presented physical press kit, hand addressed ... and sent in the mail. The results of this approach will absolutely astound you ... especially now that no one sends anything in the mail anymore. Email & social will definitely be parts of your arsenal ... but your press kit will be your secret weapon.
  • Think about it. Which gets your attention more these days? An email/social message ... or someone sending you a hand addressed and hand written card in the mail? (who does that anymore!?) Producers & hosts are no different than you. If you do something extraordinary, and treat them like someone special ... they will respond accordingly. This is one of the “back doors” that I talk about (and there are more). No one uses it ... so it’s never locked ... and you get to just walk right in.
  • The “Press Kit” included in my program is an actual physical copy of my own personal press kit ... the one that got me booked on over a thousand shows and helped me sell a quarter of a million books.
  • You will use it as a model and a template to create your own compelling press kit. There’s no guesswork for you. It’s simple. You just copy mine ... and insert your topic.
  • It comes complete with the folder, the “One-Sheet” (the most important component), the “Sample Questions” (very important), the “Controversy Sheet,” the “clippings” and the testimonials ... all exactly as I sent them out to the producers & hosts.
  • It also comes with the bright colored envelope that I mailed it out in (you can choose whatever color you wish), and the stickers and handwritten messages that I put on the outside of the envelope to grab attention and make sure it got to its final destination (these are all very important and I explain how and why to use each of them)
  • The layout of the “One-Sheet” is very important. This is basically your “show pitch sheet.” There are 10 specific elements to a “One-Sheet”... and you need to have all of them ... and you need to have them in a specific layout and format.
  • The “Sample Questions” (sometimes called “Talking Points”) are critical to the success of your interviews. They are basically your choreographed interview script, and without them your interview could easily turn into a train wreck ... and there’s a good chance you won’t even get booked in the first place (because many hosts are looking for them). Again, there is a very specific format and order that needs to be followed with these as well (and multiple elements you need to have in place).

4. The Sample Interviews ...

($99 when sold separately)

  • The fastest way to learn how to do a great interview and get a huge response ... is to listen to someone that does a great interview and gets a huge response. Right?
  • That’s why I’ve included recordings of a number of my actual live interviews with your program
  • You will get to hear me in action ... being interviewed on multiple shows ... so you can follow, learn and copy what I do
  • You’ll get to hear how I do my closes and calls to action (these are critically important because they drive your sales & response)
  • You’ll get to hear how I handle hosts that don’t necessarily agree with everything I say
  • You’ll get to hear how I dodge and sidestep questions that I may not want to answer ... and then move immediately on to what I do want to share, without missing a beat or offending the host.
  • You’ll get to hear how I handle questions from listeners ... including confrontational ones
  • You’ll get to hear how I weave compelling “reasons to buy” into my interviews ... without even remotely sounding “salesey” (this is a super valuable skill that anyone can easily learn how to do)
“Silver Program” Total Value: $941.00

“Silver Program” Special Bundled Offer: Only $397

Need a payment program? Questions? Non-profit? (Legitimate 501C3s only) ... please contact me directly:
Alex Carroll or 877-733-3888

Option #2 – The “Millionaire Program”

The “Millionaire Program” Contains:

1.   The Database of Top Podcasts & Radio Shows [Almost 2,000 top shows] – Details in the “Silver Program” above
2.   The “Get Booked On Podcasts & Radio Shows” Manual [283 Pages] – Details in the “Silver Program” above
3.   The Press Kit [A template to model your own after] – Details in the “Silver Program” above
4.   The Sample Interviews [Become a great guest by listening to a pro in action] – Details in the “Silver Program” above

(Everything In The “Silver Program” Above)

($941 when sold separately)

5. The Radio Publicity Masters Course …

($497 when sold separately)

  • “The Radio Publicity Masters Course” is a one-of-a-kind 18 hour audio course (MP3 format) where you (or your assistant/VA/volunteer/”Upworker”/family member etc) get to listen to me call and book myself on 77 major radio shows ... in just 25 days.
  • These exact 77 interviews that you (or your “booker”) will listen me booking ... generated over $50,000 in book sales for me
  • There is no other training course like this in existence
  • 18 hours of real calls ... and real bookings
  • In between each call you will hear my commentary explaining exactly why I said what I said, why the producer said what they said, and what all the “radio lingo” means and how to speak it and understand it
  • Many top PR firms use this audio course to train their new employees ... and you can do the same thing ... and use it to train your own personal “in house” interview booker (many of my clients are doing this because it allows them to stay focused on their business ... while still taking advantage of the massive promotional benefits of podcasts and radio shows).
  • This strategy can save you a fortune (and get you much better results) ... for two reasons:
    • 1. You’re only paying $15 per hour (or thereabouts) for your “PR Firm” ... not thousands per month
    • 2. PR firms will book you on anything they can get you on ... which in many cases (if not most), will be little shows ... because those are easier to get you on. Your own “in-house” booker is only going to book you on big shows ... because they will only be pitching the shows in my databases of top shows.
  • The best part? You don’t have to lift a finger. You just give your “interview booker” my MP3s (they can listen to them on their phone, in their car, on their computer etc ... just like a podcast), and when they’re done listening to them, you just turn them loose with my databases and they start booking you on big shows.
  • If you really want to “turbo-charge” your results, pay your “interview booker” a nominal hourly rate ... and then give them a nice bonus (like maybe $25-$50) for each show they book you on. It’s a classic “base + commission” payment structure ... and it really incentivizes them to work hard for you and get you lots of bookings.

6. The Free Database Update ...

($99 when sold separately)

  • My databases are completely updated every 6 months
  • You may redeem your free update anytime you wish
  • Future database updates (whenever you want them) are $99
  • My databases are not a subscription based service that you get locked into ... they are a one-time investment ... and you are in control of whenever you’d like to get an update.

7. Free Shipping (continental US) ...

  • If you are outside the continental US and don’t want to pay any shipping or customs/duties fees ... free digital delivery is available (via Dropbox)

8. The Consulting ...

($250 when sold separately)

  • Your investment in the “Millionaire Program” includes 30 minutes of one-on-one consulting time with me ... and more is available if needed. You can ask me any questions you want, or have me review any materials you wish.
  • I have decades of experience in the media ... and in sales and marketing.
  • Collectively, I have helped tens of thousands of people ... make billions ... with a “b”
  • That experience is priceless ... and when you have access to me ... you have access to all of it.
  • I regard each one of my clients as individual and special ... and I treat them accordingly. This is why I do one-on-one consulting ... not “group coaching.” And I don’t pass you off to some member of my “team” either ... you get to talk to me.
Special Bonus ... Absolutely FREE:

9. I Create A Custom “Million Dollar Show Pitch” ... Just For You

($500 if sold separately)

  • Your show pitch (or “hook” as some media people call it) is quite simply the most important ingredient in your media campaign
  • If it’s good ... you’ll get booked on lots of shows; if it’s not ... you won’t get booked on any
  • There are plenty of “headline generators” and “pitch formula apps” floating around out there ... and they have their place (I sometimes use them to help clients tease out ideas that I can then refine and perfect). But there is absolutely no substitute for a show pitch that is specifically customized to YOU.
  • I cannot overstate the value of a compelling, customized show pitch enough. My custom show pitches have helped many of my clients generate millions.
  • A “stop you in your tracks ... and demand your attention” show pitch ... is an art form. An art form that I have perfected over decades of experience and thousands of pitches and clients.
  • It’s one thing for someone to tell you they’ve “mastered an art form” ... but it’s entirely another for them to show you. So, if you’d like to see a sampling of some of the show pitches I’ve created over the years for clients just like you ... click the green button below.
“Millionaire Program” Total Value: $2,188.00

“Millionaire Program” Special Bundled Offer: Only $997

Don’t Let Your Message (Or Your Millions) Die Inside Of You

Be Heard Now

Need a payment program? Questions? Non-profit? (Legitimate 501C3s only) ... please contact me directly:
Alex Carroll or 877-733-3888

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