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Alex Carroll
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Custom “Million Dollar Show Pitches” – And Why You Need One
(FREE With The “Millionaire Program”)

A compelling “Show Pitch” (sometimes called a “hook”) is the single most important thing you need to get booked on a podcast or radio show.

If you don’t have one ... you probably won’t get booked.

That’s because the hosts & producers use them to “hook” their audiences into staying tuned to hear your interview.

Just before your interview you’re likely to hear them say: “Coming up next ... ” and then they’ll insert your “hook” or “show pitch” to grab their audience’s attention and get them to stay tuned and listen.

Your show pitch needs to be customized to fit you and/or your topic.

Below are 5 pages of examples (12 to a page) from the thousands of custom show pitches that I have created for my clients over the years.

First you will see their show pitch (labeled “Before”) ... and then you will see the one I created for them below that in blue (labeled “After”).

The importance of a compelling show pitch cannot be understated. One good show pitch or headline can send you into the media and social media stratosphere, go “viral,” and change the course of your career and life forever. I’ve seen it happen countless times.

In many cases these show pitches end up giving birth to slogans, taglines, book titles, signature talks, domain names, and in some cases even brands and trademarks.

I look forward to creating one for you as well ...

Custom “Million Dollar Show Pitch” ...

Client: Karen Brody
Topic: Relationships
Before: “How To Open A Woman ... What Every Couple Should Know About Reigniting Love, Passion & Desire”

Custom “Million Dollar Show Pitch” ...

Client: Deborah Duda
Topic: Happiness & Suffering
Before: “Lighten Up ... Seven Ways To Kick The Suffering Habit”

Custom “Million Dollar Show Pitch” ...

Client: Jim Egan
Topic: Success For Teens
Before: “This Year, Give The Grad The Gift Of Experience”

Custom “Million Dollar Show Pitch” ...

Client: Dr. Nancy Buck
Topic: Parenting
Before: “Why Do Kids Act That Way? Peek Into Your Child’s Mind With Expert Dr. Nancy Buck”

Custom “Million Dollar Show Pitch” ...

Client: Frank Granett, RPh

Topic: Overmedicating Youth

Before: “The 3 Risk Factors That Cause ADHD/Depressive Behavior In Children ... And The New Comprehensive Clinical Bio-Assessments You Need To Know About Now!”

Custom “Million Dollar Show Pitch” ...

Client: Diana Basterfield
Topic: Conflict Resolution
Before: “100% Of Families Need Conflict Tools”

Custom “Million Dollar Show Pitch” ...

Client: Dr. Fred Helms
Topic: Organ Transplants
Before: “The Myths, Miracles & Mysteries Of Organ Donation”

Custom “Million Dollar Show Pitch” ...

Client: May McCarthy
Topic: Spirituality & Wealth
Before: “Can Trusting Your Gut Help You Make Millions?”

Custom “Million Dollar Show Pitch” ...

Client: Donna Krech
Topic: Motivation
Before: “What To Do When Life Takes Over ... Motivation Can Be Maintained!”

Custom “Million Dollar Show Pitch” ...

Client: Robert Stern
Topic: Relationships
Before: “The #1 Cause Of Divorce ... Is Marriage”

Custom “Million Dollar Show Pitch” ...

Client: Lynn Scott
Topic: Messages From The Other Side
Before: “Lessons Learned From The Afterlife”

Custom “Million Dollar Show Pitch” ...

Client: Rob Hartley
Topic: Blindness
Before: “One Blind Man Making a Difference For The Deaf & Blind”

Get Your Custom “Million Dollar Show Pitch” Now ...
(FREE With The “Millionaire Program”)

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