50 Billion Downloads ... 100 Million Daily Listeners

7 Reasons Why Podcasts And Radio Shows Are Arguably The Most Influential Media On Earth
And How They Can Make You A Bestseller, An “Influencer” (And A “Rock Star”) Faster Than Anything ...

You Deserve To Have A Voice   ...   You Deserve To Be Heard
Podcasts Are Rocking ...
Nielsen 2019 Monthly US Audience2
And Radio Dominates EVERYTHING

Radio Reaches:

50 Million More Americans Than Google
65 Million More Americans Than ALL of Social Media
100 Million More Americans Than YouTube
100 Million More Americans Than Amazon
Your Best Bet?      Get Booked On Both ...

Dear Friend,

Would you like to be heard?
Would you like to have a voice?
Would you like to become a bestseller?
Would you like to generate massive amounts of free traffic?
Would you like to become an influencer ... or expand the influence you already have?
Would you like to attract sponsors like crazy?
Would you like to rock your "side hustle"?
Would you like to become a "rock star" in your field?
Would you like to reach millions for free ... and build your tribe & list ... and make some serious money ... and make a difference in the world?
Are you finding it hard to rise above the clamor (and unpredictability) of the social media insanity?
It’s so overwhelming you can get lost and drown in it ... and end up overlooking what are arguably the most influential media on earth today ...

Podcasts and Radio Shows

(Podcasts are basically recorded radio shows ... and virtually all live radio shows are also released as podcasts)

Here Are The 7 Reasons Why:

Podcast listeners have emerged as being predominantly entrepreneurs, decision makers, influencers and the “movers and shakers” of the world. They're so busy that they learn by listening on the go ... and on demand. Never before has it even been possible to reach all of these people via one media ... and they are the audience that’s driving the burgeoning growth of podcasting.

  1. Radio is the only media whose entire audience (100 Million daily commuters just in America alone) has a job! (they are commuters after all)
  2. Radio is the only media whose entire audience has money (obvious, but still worth making the point)
  3. Radio is the only media whose entire audience has some sort of an education (that’s how they got those jobs)
  4. Podcasts & Radio are the only media that are legal when people are driving (all other media are against the law), which means ...
  5. Podcasts & Radio are the only media with a truly captive audience (other media have “distracted” audiences with “hummingbird” attention spans)
  6. Podcasts & Radio interviews are FREE (you pay nothing to appear as a guest on a show... whereas the ad budgets for social media campaigns can cost a fortune)
  • Decision Makers
  • All Have Jobs
  • All Have Money
  • All Have Educations
  • Captive Audience
  • Free

And What’s More:

  1. Radio interviews can be done from any phone, anytime, anywhere (like in the pics above ... you don’t even have to get out of bed)
  2. Podcasts can be done from any computer, anytime, anywhere (you might need to get dressed for those, as most are done via Skype/Zoom etc ... but you certainly don’t have to leave the house)
  3. Podcasts & Radio interviews can get you to the top of Google ... faster than anything ... thanks to a couple of little known and seldom used “white hat” guerrilla SEO strategies (see my free report below for details).
Benefits To You:
  1. More Sales & Income
  2. More Followers & Fans
  3. More Influence & Popularity
  4. More Sponsors
  5. More Trust & Authority
  6. More Friends & Relationships
  7. More Opportunities (Of All Kinds)
  8. More Traffic & Opt-ins
  9. Higher Search Engine Rankings
  10. More Party & Event Invitations
  11. More Speaking Invitations
  12. More Credibility & Respect
  13. More Security ... For You & Those You Care About
  14. More Freedom ... To Live Whatever Life You Choose
  15. More Leverage & Money To Help Causes & Charities
  16. More Power To Make A Difference & Change The World

... All for Free

  • Reach Millions
  • Be Heard
  • Massive Free Traffic
  • Build Your Tribe & List
  • Become An Influencer
  • Get More Sponsors
  • Rock Your “Side Hustle”
  • Make Serious Money
  • Help People
  • Make A Difference
  • ... All For Free
And Then There’s This ...

Millions Per Month ... Are Buying “Smart Speakers” ... Right Now

How The Fastest Device Adoption In Human History ... Is Changing Everything
And Causing Podcasts & Radio Shows To Explode In Importance

Not to Mention This ...

The Surprising Secret To Actually Being Heard

A 100 Million Year Old Forgotten Snippet Of Code ... Hardwired Into Everyone’s DNA
And How To Trigger It With A $5 Gadget ... That Most Everyone Owns

After seeing all of this, you might be starting to wonder ...

What's the Catch?

The catch is this ...

It is critical to understand that there are literally hundreds of thousands of “Hobbycasters” (podcasters with few or no downloads) and “Cowcasters” (tiny radio shows with audiences of only cows) out there. Be aware that many of these shows will resort to misrepresenting, “inflating,” and sometimes even outright lying about their audience numbers. Podcasters are especially notorious for this because in most cases their download stats are not publicly available (only they and their podcast hosting company have them).

Remember: The 80/20 rule applies to podcasts & radio shows just like it does to everything else in life. The top 20% of the shows ... reach 80% of the audience. And in reality ... it’s more like the top 5% of the shows ... reach 95% of the audience.

This is why it is so important to focus your time and effort on the big shows.

Avoid “Hobbycasters” & “Cowcasters” ... Go For The Bigger Shows
Two Common Questions:

1.   Now right about now you may be asking ...

1. “Wait, isn’t it harder to get booked on the big shows?”

It can be ...

For those who don’t have a guide.

But as with everything in life ... there are always back doors, secret passage ways, and magic words and phrases.

And when you know them ... you can walk right in.

I know the way ... and I will be your guide.

2.   You might also be asking ...

2. “Wait, aren’t those smaller ‘niched’ podcasts good to get on?”

Absolutely ... because they are highly targeted to your audience.

The best strategy is to go after the big ones ... and then hand-pick all the ones in your niche(s) and go after those as well.

Not only will I share with you a couple of “guerrilla secrets” to finding all of them (including some of the best ones that are not listed in the directories and apps) ... but I will teach you two extraordinary secret approaches that will get you booked on virtually every single one of these that’s in your niche and in alignment with you ... guaranteed.

Almost no one knows about these two strategies ... and almost no one is using them.

The 3 Ways To Get Booked On Podcasts & Radio:

If you’d like to get booked on podcasts and get interviewed on the radio, there are basically 3 ways to do it ...

  1. Send out an email or social media blast to the shows (waste of time ... everyone hates spam ... especially media)
  2. Hire an expensive PR Firm to book the shows for you (thousands per month for a good one)
  3. Save yourself a fortune and pitch the shows yourself (or get a staff/family member/VA/fan/”Upworker” etc. to help with that part)
My Background:

I have personally been a guest on over 1,200 radio shows and podcasts, and sold a quarter of a million books in the process (click the “About” tab above if you’d like to see the pictures and read my whole story). But what I’m most proud of, is the fact that I’ve now helped over 10,000 people in more than 30 countries follow in my footsteps and collectively sell hundreds of millions of books & products ... and generate billions in sales (please scroll down to see a few of my client testimonials).

Who This Is For:

Over the years of working with thousands and thousands of people, I’ve learned who this works for, who it doesn’t ... and why.

The “secret sauce” to making this strategy work for you is simple:

You need to be able to: Teach people something they don’t know ... Inspire them ... or Entertain them.

If you can do one of those three things, then this is for you.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and there’s always exceptions to broad generalizations, but the following categories will give you a general idea of who this will work best for:

  • Authors (non-fiction)
  • Influencers
  • Speakers
  • Experts
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Leaders (of pretty much any kind)
  • Many Entrepreneurs & CEOs (but not all)
  • Doctors & Healers (all kinds)
  • Health, Nutrition & Fitness people
  • Lawyers
  • Activists
  • Comedians
  • Non-Profits & Charities
Who This Is Not For:

As a general rule, these people will face challenges trying to make this work for them:

  • Fiction authors (there are a few podcasts ... but it’s pretty limited)
  • Memoir authors (unless you’re famous or you’ve done something extraordinary or unusual)
  • Children’s book authors (unless you can share ways parents can raise better kids)
  • Poets
  • Musicians (unless you are already known)
  • MLMs
  • Entrepreneurs who run “everyday businesses” (like a coffee shop for example) who haven’t done anything unusual or “newsworthy” ... or who don't have any "tips" to share with the audience
  • Academics who struggle to speak in everyday English
  • People who are timid
  • People who think the world revolves around them (unless it actually does)
  • People who are really difficult to understand (accents are an advantage ... as long as people can still understand what you are saying)
How I Can Help You:

I can help you in 3 ways:

  1. I help you identify and focus on the biggest podcasts and shows (this is the #1 secret to both my success and my clients’ success – it’s all about reaching the most people for the least effort)
  2. I craft and create a compelling customized show pitch ... just for you (this is THE KEY to getting you booked on these shows)
  3. I show you where all the back doors and hidden passageways are ... and I give you the magic words and phrases so it’s easy for you to get booked. Then I teach you exactly what to do and say before, during, and after your interviews so that you get the biggest response and have the biggest impact.
What I Offer: (click the “Resources” tab above for even more details)
  • Databases of the Top Podcasts & Top Radio Shows: (these enable you to focus on just the big shows ... while avoiding the “Hobbycasters” and “Cowcasters”)

    I offer the only databases of JUST the top podcasts (most downloads on Apple Podcasts/iTunes) and JUST the top radio shows (100,000+ listeners) available.

    These databases offer detailed show descriptions and comprehensive DIRECT contact information (NOT website contact forms) for the top podcasts and radio shows across multiple categories. This contact information spans the following: Show names, show rank/number of listeners, show descriptions/bios, host names, producer names, email addresses, mailing addresses, websites, phone numbers, social media contacts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) and also News Directors, Program Directors, Syndicates, Time Slots, Call Letters, Frequencies, Bands, Formats and Markets for the radio shows.

    When you have direct contact information ... you get to skip past the “gatekeepers” and the spam filters ... and get straight to the “decision makers” (the people who say “Yes! I’d love to have you on my show!”)

  • Training & Education: My educational and training materials cover all aspects of what to do and say before, during, and after your interviews. First they help you get booked ... and then they help you get the biggest response. They will also help you train a staff member/VA/"Upworker"/fan/family member etc. to assist or do the bookings for you if you wish. See my “Resources” tab above for a detailed list of everything you’ll learn and receive.
  • Consulting: I offer consulting across all aspects of your campaign, with a special focus on developing a compelling show pitch (or “hook”) customized just for you and your particular goals and outreach. A customized pitch is an “art form” that goes far beyond “headline generator apps.” If you check out some of the samples of customized pitches that I’ve done for my clients on my “Resources” page ... you’ll see what I mean.
How Much?

Programs begin at $397 (click the “Resources” tab above for details).
Payment plans are available upon request.
All programs come with a money back guarantee.
I also offer special rates for 501C3s (legitimate non-profits).


Try my “FAQ” tab above ... or:

Call: 877-733-3888
Want to know more about my background and who I am? Click the “About” tab above.


I really encourage you to download my free report, “Google’s Back Door” ... by entering your name and email in the box below. Google’s search engine algorithm is like the black box on an airplane ... only a handful people know what’s really in there. But one of the top SEO (search engine optimization) companies in the world claims (controversially) to have cracked the code. Interestingly enough, the absolute simplest and fastest way to leverage the “breach” and cash in ... is with podcast and radio show interviews.

My special report reveals what the “back door” is ... and how it’s possible to scoop thousands of new followers and tribe & list members from it daily ... for free.

And finally, you can check out a few of my client testimonials beneath that, or you can also click the “Testimonials” tab above.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Talk soon,

"Google’s Back Door"
  • Sneak In … And Rocket Your Site To The Top … In Days
  • Build Your Tribe & List (Thousands Per Day) – For Free
  • It’s Simple ... It’s Fast ... And It’s Controversial
  • But Google Cannot Ban You For It
  • Learn Why Podcasts & Radio Shows Are The Secret Key

    Testimonials ...


    Alex is the best at this in the world. He is brilliant. His list is unbelievable. You'll find yourself going from reaching a few people ... to reaching hundreds of thousands and millions of people.

    Get his program, and follow his formula!

    I did!"

    - Brendon Burchard

    #1 New York Times Bestselling Author


    Over 500,000 Books Sold


    Oprah Winfrey – Brendon Burchard

    I am the co-founder and CEO of the largest electronic waste recycling company in America. We do more than $120 Million a year in sales and our clients include names like Best Buy, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sharp, The City of Los Angeles, NBC
    Universal and thousands more.

    I bought Alex Carroll's program several years ago and I love it!

    Podcast and radio interviews are my absolute favorite way to promote my company and our brand image.

    I believe in them so much that I now even have my own show. It's called "Green Is Good," and it's the top-rated green show in America.

    If you want to increase your brand image and promote your company, I can't think of an easier or better way than getting Alex's program."

    - John Shegerian


    John Shegerian

    Co-Founder & CEO: Electronic Recyclers International



    $120 Million Annual Revenue

    The secret to selling books is getting on podcasts & radio shows. I’ve appeared on over 1,500.

    I depend on Alex for my lists and I’ve used his database, tools and resources for over 13 years.
    My books have sold over 700,000 copies.

    Don’t be fooled into wasting money and time on
    social media—RADIO & PODCASTS SELL books and services."

    - Robin Ryan

    Bestselling Author: "60 Seconds & You’re Hired"



    700,000 Books Sold


    Robin Ryan

    Over the years we’ve sold millions of books through bookstores … and millions more through alternative markets.

    Podcast and radio & interviews have been key to this success.

    The ability to do interviews from the comfort of your own home make it a perfect way for authors to "get the word out".

    Alex Carroll’s resources have been invaluable to us. I recommend them constantly."

    - Dave Chilton

    Bestselling Author "The Wealthy Barber"
    "Dragon’s Den" Dragon


    7 Million Books Sold


    Dave Chilton

    I'm in Australia, and if you're trying to reach the US market from overseas, podcasts and radio interviews are the way to go.

    I’ve done hundreds of them from the comfort of my home.

    I was lucky enough to attend one of Alex’s presentations and he blew me away.

    I strongly recommend Alex’s program."

    - Annette Sym

    Australia’s All-Time Bestselling Self-Published Author



    Annette Sym


    3.5 Million Books Sold

    For more than 15 years now, we here at Covey-Link have been using Alex Carroll's Program and database of top shows to promote Stephen Covey’s books and message.

    Our books have made one best-seller list after another and sold millions of copies (25 million to be exact), and our interview
    campaigns have consistently been one of the main reasons for our success."

    - Greg Link

    Co-Founder: Covey Link Inc.


    25 Million Total Books Sold


    Greg Link


    Stephen Covey

    Radio interviews were one of the cornerstones in the massive success of our Chicken Soup books, and there is nobody who has mastered radio publicity more than Alex Carroll. He is absolutely amazing.

    You owe it to yourself to invest in his resources."

    - Mark Victor Hansen

    #1 New York Times Bestselling Author
    Co-Creator, "Chicken Soup For The Soul"



    Mark Victor Hansen & Jack Canfield

    500 Million Books Sold

    Get yourself on radio … it’s easy.

    I’ve done interviews in my lounge chair, I’ve done them in my jacuzzi, but truthfully, I do most of my interviews in my underwear.

    It’s so cool … it’ so great. It’s by far the best
    medium to get your message out … the best!"

    - T Harv Eker

    #1 New York Times Bestselling Author:
    "Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind"



    2 Million Books Sold


    T Harv Eker

    It’s been more than 15 years since I first met Alex Carroll at a self-publishing workshop.
    I learned how to leverage interviews to help promote 2 of my books to New York Times bestseller lists and I’ve been doing them ever since.

    They are one of the best ways to promote your book!"

    - John Assaraf

    New York Times Bestselling Author:
    "Having It All" & "The Answer"



    300,000 Books Sold


    John Assaraf

    I've known Alex for years. He is brilliant. I am blown away by the depth of his program. As a publicist, I used to spend thousands per year for resources that don't even come close to what Alex is offering. It’s just amazing."

    Over 250,000 Books Sold

    - Arielle Ford

    Former Top Publicist
    Bestselling Author:
    "The Soulmate Secret"



    Arielle Ford – Deepak Chopra

    Clients Included:

    • Deepak Chopra (whose career she is credited with launching)
    • Wayne Dyer
    • Neale Donald Walsh
    • Marianne Williamson
    • Louise Hay
    • Kenny Loggins
    "Google’s Back Door"
    • Sneak In … And Rocket Your Site To The Top … In Days
    • Build Your Tribe & List (Thousands Per Day) – For Free
    • It’s Simple ... It’s Fast ... And It’s Controversial
    • But Google Cannot Ban You For It
    • Learn Why Podcasts & Radio Shows Are The Secret Key

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      "Google’s Back Door"
      • Sneak In … And Rocket Your Site To The Top … In Days
      • Build Your Tribe & List (Thousands Per Day) – For Free
      • It’s Simple ... It’s Fast ... And It’s Controversial
      • But Google Cannot Ban You For It
      • Learn Why Podcasts & Radio Shows Are The Secret Key